Saturday, November 17, 2018

11 years

Hard to believe that this is the 11th anniversary of this blog.
That I'm still working at the bedside.  That I still have something to say.
That people still read anything I write.

Boggles the mind.  Or Bloggles.

Don't know how much more I have left to say, but sometimes inspiration strikes.

So many of the blogs I loved back in the day are no longer around.  Madness.  Nurse K.  GuitargirlRN, to name a few favorites.

I wonder what all of them are up to, if they are still working in the ER.

If you are out there still, stop by and say hi!  Miss you all!  


Oldfoolrn said...

I enjoy your blog very much and admire your longevity as a working nurse. After 20 years or so in the trenches of bedside nursing my goose was cooked so to speak. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary and work as a nurse.

Phoenix Fire Falconry said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I have your blog bookmarked on mine, and always enjoy your new posts. This late life RT enjoys your tales, and sees many of like-RNs in the tough gals (and guys) I work with.

Joost said...

Dear EDNurseasauras, eleven years is quite the milestone! It was a pleasure to discover your blog and to read your wry, pointed observations about nursing life here. It was also lovely to find that there's still a supportive, creative hub of blogging here, even if you're obviously right that many nurses who had a blogspot have dropped out over time.

There are still more nurse bloggers than you might think, however, and that's also why I'm commenting here. We published a list of top nurse blogs on our website (at ), and we were very happy to include yours in it.

It's undeniable that the nature of nurse blogs has changed over the years. Much of the old school blogging, where people write anonymously about their feelings and experiences, has moved to Facebook and other social media. Many of today's nurse bloggers have their own websites, and run podcasts or vlogs or sidelines in public speaking as well. But the impulse of writing and sharing remains the same. By publishing our list of Top Nurse Blogs, we hope to encourage bloggers like you who persist and do it well, and to help nurse bloggers find and connect with peers across the boundaries of platforms like Wordpress or Blogspot. That's why we've also added Facebook and Twitter links wherever we found any.

We organized our nurse blogs list in several categories, listing your blog in the main category, “Nurses who blog about health and nursing”. If you think it would be better listed in one of the other categories, feel free to let us know. If you know any other blog you feel should be in our list that is still missing, we’re eager to hear about that too.

We know blogging can sometimes be a bit of a lonely endeavor, and we hope we can do our bit to provide a little reinforcement. Paying respect to ye olde traditions of blogging history, we even created a Top Nurse Blogs award. Not really sure this is the kind of thing that would appeal to you, but of course you should feel free to add this badge to your blog and link it back to our nurse blogs list. You will find it at the top of the list – just click on the award to get a full-size image file. (We have a transparent/PNG version we could email over as well.)

If you have any questions or you’d like to share any news or info, just drop me an email at joost AT :-)

clairesmum said...

Hey, EDNurseasauras. Found you years back along with Emergiblog, and Head Nurse and several other great nurse bloggers who are not not blogging. Thought you had fallen off-line, too.
I moved clear across the country 4 years ago, and started in as a hospice nurse after 20 years in non Medicare setting. The joys of using EHR, returning to Medicare reg, mastering a new field of nursing, learning my way around the SF Bay Area (for a New England girl it took 6 months to stop thinking about how I would manage a steep driveway in winter and to tolerate these car crazy latte loving hedonistic folks who recreate compulsively and are glued to screens).
And boy do I feel like a dinosaur! I'm probably the only nurse in the place who was trained before 'universal precautions' and who recalls Kayexelate enemas, Dakins solution dressing, and using miles of wrapped gauze to protect an IV site instead of a nifty prepackaged IV site dressing kit. Glad you are still writing, I'll keep reading.

L said...

I too started blogging in November 2007! Also a little hard to believe that I hadn't even graduated nursing school yet when I started this thing.

Always glad to keep reading your blog - thanks for keeping with it!