Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Back (Part 1)

Like the proverbial bad penny, I'm back after a 2 month sabbatical. Where have I been you wonder? For one thing, I celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary with Mr. EDnurseasauras in a lovely warm climate for a week. Aruba was beautiful, everything I could have wanted in a relaxing vacation. The second hut from the top in the second row from the right is where I spent most of my time gazing at the water and taking in the sights.

And there were many. Although Aruba does not have clothing optional beaches (and this was a VERY nice resort) Mr. EDNurseasauras and I were treated to the vision of Naked Girl every afternoon. Hubby missed her first appearance since he went to work out. Very concious of keeping up with his exercise program since his Near Death Experience last November. Anyway, he didn't believe my Naked Girl story until he saw for himself the next day. It was pretty funny watching groups of guys walk by and do a double take, then find a reason to stick around for a good long look. So predictable.

We had our own Near Death Experience on a jeep tour around the island. Our driver was one of the clients! This stuff would never happen in the US, yet we bunch of sheep just went along with it. To her credit, the gal who was driving did a great job. We all survived the 45 degree rock climb and return ascent with the loss of nothing more than a couple of buckets of adrenalin.

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Braden said...

Welcome back! And boy do I have an offer for you for the Change of Shift this week. E-mail me at braden at bkellis dt com and I'll fill you in on the details.