Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Done Dirt Cheap

A little 6 year old was brought in late evening, having been awakened with belly pain. Mom says he has problems with constipation, or to be more accurate "he holds on to his potty"


OK, well then. Long story short, the kid needs an enema. Since he is apparently no stranger to this form of treatment (and the pediatric variety have absolutely no effect on him) he gets an adult fleets. Some parents are funny about this, so I asked if mom wanted to do it or me.

She asked the 6 year old who was now sleeping peacefully and comfortably, "the nurse" he mumbled sleepily.

I am organizing my stuff when the 6 year old sits bolt upright, points his finger at me and says,

I was taken aback, but blurted "Are you suggesting that this is a dirty job?"

"Yeeeeeeeeeeessss", he replied with a grin.

"I've done dirtier jobs in my life, that' for sure. Let's take care of business".

He left feeling much better, not to mention about 8 pounds lighter. I was a little shaken though.


SimplySweeter said...

Sounds like a real crappy job to me. Oh....like you haven't heard that one before???? Hysterical yet disturbing. LOL

Penelope said...

I'm glad that there are nurses like you in the world; but I want to know...were you always this good with bodily functions, or was this on the job training?