Saturday, August 7, 2010

We saw 24 patients last night. This, in a 6 bed ER with two nurses and one doc. Plus, the doc was Gil. Lord love the guy, but he is a cautious soul and we had some sick patients. Plus at least 6 dental paineurs, of which two left because the wait was at least 90 minutes. Can you imagine?

The campers from the several overnight camps kept coming. I don't know, perhaps it is the first time in a year many of these kids have been outdoors; they have fractured fingers, been stung by bees/mosquitoes/ spiders and one camp hamster (a campster?). As my son used to say, "ham comes from a hamster".

One day a week we offer a free walk-in blood pressure clinic. Not too many people use it, maybe a dozen or so. But for some of these crusty Yankee old-timers, it is perhaps a day out; and free to boot. One of the cranky old ladies never remembers to bring in her little booklet, so she gets a new one every week. We give these out gratis; I envision her house with about 3,000 little booklets, each with one or two blood pressures written in it. I seriously doubt that her PCP ever sees these readings. Or anybody. She is a little ritualistic, needing to sit for at least 5 minutes to "settle", then another 5 minutes to rummage around for the booklet she does not have. Several minutes are expended in divesting "only the left arm!!" from about 4 sweaters. Finally, she will squint up at me suspiciously and ask me who I am, and if I am new. We go through this every week. After taking her blood pressure and writing it in the new booklet I have provided, and she clucks and mumbles and frets her way back into her clothing, she is out the door, pushing a walker sporting 4 tennis balls in the legs.

Having your triage area tied up for 20 minutes on a free service: priceless.

One woman came in who just wants me to check her O2 saturation. Why? "I just had an asthma attack and if the reading is normal I don't want to be seen".

OOOOOOOOOOkay. We offer a 15% discount on ER co-pays that are paid right away; we take major credit cards even. But, you can't collect on this type of time-wasting activity which included informing the patient to return if she stopped breathing. Or whatever.

New Cathy emerged from an extended visit with one patient. "Well, she wanted to know if I had found Jesus, and I couldn't get out of the room; any suggestions for next time?".

"As the token atheist at a Catholic hospital, I am perhaps the last one to ask; I could give you some talking points from my perspective, but I doubt it would go over well", I said drily.

Gil says, "That happened to me once; the patient was jumpig up and down, waving his arms and yelling, "Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus!", so I just started jumping up and down yelling "Praise Jesus!" too. Then security took over".

"My son suggested that this might be an effective way to deal with telemarketers; I can just imagine. 'Hello, I am calling from XX Loan Corporation, are you interested in refinancing your home?'. 'Why no, but have you found Jesus?'. Could work pretty well", I said.

The hits just kept on coming. One little guy, I don't know how he managed this, fell off his bike and cut the soft palate in his mouth pretty badly. The rubber grip on the handle bar was mostly worn away, exposing much of the hollow metal edge, which wound up piercing the roof of his mouth. He was so scared, but did OK. It could have been so much worse.

The Last Patient of the night (whom we finally saw about midnight) was actually having an anxiety episode. She insisted that it was "overactive kidneys". I was too tired to pursue that she perhaps meant "overactive adrenal gland" that is located ON the kidney. The adrenal gland produces cortisol, a hormone that is important for several body functions, such as blood pressure regulation and release of insulin; it is also released in increased amounts in response to stress. Also, it is responsible for anxiety reactions, which is pretty much a "flight or flight response" gone haywire. That is tonight's science lesson, class.

Ativan helped, and she left with happy adrenal glands.


SimplySweeter said...

Ham is from a Hamster".LOL Rinse, repeat. LOL

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I want much more than this provincial life.