Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have been taking courses to finish my BSN for 3 years now. Since I had a busy summer planning my Alaska trip and also needed to take 2 CLEP's, I put off my final course until October.

October looms; I had a wonderful trip to Alaska with Mr. Ednurseasauras, got out in my kayak a bit, spent lots of days at the lake, and studied very little for the CLEP exams. Lazy? Maybe.

I could spend the next week studying like mad, and probably pass both CLEP's so that I could start my course the first week of October and then graduate in December.

I just can't face it. I'll take the CLEP's then start the last course in January!



Don't fret about the CLEP. They are really not hard tests. If an average 18 year old can pass it, imagine someone with a little life experience!!

EDNurseasauras said...

Yeah, thanks...I already took and passed 3 of them. Like I said, I'm procrastinating!