Sunday, October 10, 2010

Remember Essie?

From a few days ago? Well, my stroll down nursing Memory Lane jogged another nugget.

Essie got a new roommate at some point, who was ambulatory. And sneaky.

Bessie used to roam around at night. In those days we didn't have fancy patient alarms and monitors when patients went on the lam; we used a device called the the Posey Jacket, or Posey for short. This was a little mesh vest that zipped down the back and was tied to the bed; the patient had the ability to roll to either side, but it kept them from getting out of bed and into mischief (or going to ground and breaking a hip). It was, for all intents and purposes, a restraint device, although it sounds like a torture device, which I suppose it was since we aren't allowed to use it anymore. But it was never meant to be punitive, merely to keep the patient safe.
I have a point; I promise.

Posey's were difficult to get out of, but not impossible, in fact many of the elderly were quite adept at it. Bessie was what we referred to as a Houdini, master of the art of escape. One night all of the staff were involved in two simultaneous crisis situations, and Bessie's frequent bed check was missed. Sure enough she was on the loose.

But instead of raiding the pantry for sugar packets as she usually did, Bessie had another mission going; she had collected the dentures of every patient she could find and had placed them in a pillowcase. One dozen sets of dentures had been liberated from their Efferdent soup. To make matters worse, we were alerted to Bessie's larceny by the yelping from one of the male patients with whom Bessie was trying to get in bed.

THAT went over well. I don't really know how the day shift managed to reunite the teeth with their owners, but they did.

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rnraquel said...

I just discovered your blog and I love it! I can't imagine that denture fiasco. I became a nurse just as the posey was starting to fall out of favor. It amazed me how easily some of the elderly patients, especially females, could slip out of those things!