Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Stupidly Spelled Names

This is a bunch of idiotically spelled names.  This is a week's worth. I have included the traditional spelling as well for reference.

Mickaylia (Michaela). 

Falysha (Felicia)

Kameryn (Cameron)

Josslin (Jocelyn)

Linsay (Lindsay)

Skyla, and Skyler both in the same day (Schuyler)

Jaymz (James).  Yikes.

Xander (?)

Alysha (Alicia)

Jarrid (Jarrod)

Allden (Alden)

Justen (Justin)

Kaleb (Caleb).  This kids last name also began with "K".  You know how I loathe alliteration.

Apriel (April).  Not sure about this one, although the kid will be spelling her name forever.

Sybrynna (Sabrina, and pronounced as such)

Haileigh (Hayley) Not as bad as Sybrynna

Aeden (Aidan). This one is not necessarily wrong as there are about a dozen ways to spell this, but again, this kid will be spelling it for everyone.

It is crazy how many people never bother to look up the correct spelling of a name they like, or spell it any whay they want so their kid's name will be unique.  Some are so obviously spelled phonetically. Then, there is the unique vs. over the top stupid. 
Psandeigh = Sandy
Ps2ughe= Sue
Ahndreighah = Andrea
Chandis= Candace

I left my list of names at the desk so others could add to it.  Brian had this to add.

"When I was in Texas I had two patients with unusual names.  One woman pronounced her name "Sha-THEED".  It was spelled "Shithead".  Then there was the kid named PAJ-a-mus, that was how it was pronounced although it was spelled "Pajamas".  I asked the parents what the inspiration was for the name and they told me they saw it in a J.C. Penney catalogue.  One of the kids was named Pajamas.  Guess what he was modeling?"


Cartoon Characters said...

My name is two normal names put together - nothing abnormal - and I have had to spell it every single day of my life. It's a pain.

My friend Mary says she has to occasionally spell her name too now. That's what abnormal names have done to the "normal" names.

People expect them to be spelled abnormal. :(

Heather, Neilson, Grace & Creighton said...

Xander is short for Alexander FYI :)

SimplySweeter said...

You forgot one...


Andrea said...

One of my online friends had a student named Le-a.

You think "Lea" or "Laya" or something, right?

It's "Ledasha" - le - dash- a.

The mom was all, "the dash don't be silent."

Kill me now

LivingDeadNurse said...

i hate calling them out of the waiting room. I always butcher it...ugh

Danielle said...

We had a crackhead who gave birth to twins. (Wonderful, right?) Anyway, their names were pronounced: or-onj-ah-low and lee-mon-ja-low. The spelling of the names: Orangejello and Lemonjello.

EDNurseasauras said...

Went to work yesterday and there was a whole new crop of idiocy gathered by my co-workers. Will have to post a few more!

haldol said...

"When I was in Texas I had two patients with unusual names. One woman pronounced her name "Sha-THEED". It was spelled "Shithead".

That's actually an urban legend. It changes depending on setting (teachers tell of a pupil named Shatheed, DMV reps of someone who wanted a license etc).

EDNurseasauras said...

Haha, that would be like Brian! I got a kick out of it though!

Dianne said...
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Dianne said...

In my former life, I worked in an inner city attorney's office. I was taking down a new client's info and she stated that her first name was Fuh-MAH-lee. I asked her how it was spelled and she said F-E-M-A-L-E. Doing everything within my power to keep a straight face, I said, "My, what an unusual first name, Ma'am..." She eagerly volunteered the history: She was the youngest of fifteen children, and a "surprise" baby, and her parents had still not settled on a name for her when it was time to leave the hospital after the birth. Several weeks later, their copy of the birth certificate arrived in the mail and the parents were absolutely delighted that the hospital had very kindly chosen an exotic and beautiful name for their daughter.

Beth said...

Sha-theed, the Jello twins, Le-a, and Female. All urban legends. Generally racist ones, even.