Saturday, August 18, 2012

Loon in a Box Indeed

I wasn't really watching some show as I drowsed on the couch after a ridiculous shift, but it had something to do with Maine (State) Warden Services.  I thought I saw a guy plowing a driveway with a plow blade on a bicycle, but I could have been dreaming.

I live in the north;  not Maine, but I can relate to Maine.   I'm not getting why one of these guys (I might have fallen asleep) was stalking an apparently injured loon across the snow, staking him/her out in an under-the-ice hidey-hole cavern in a rushing stream where he proceeded to lure him/her out with a loon...yodel.  Next the warden took what appeared to be a plastic storage box from Home Depot and attempted to capture the bird.  Oh, I thought as he waded across a snow-covered stream...this will end badly; blood and guts and feathers, everywhere, all over the ice.  And a sodden hypothermic warden for sure.

But no.  He somehow managed to get the bird corraled in the box and placed a lid on it, whereupon he proudly displayed it to the camera:

"There you go; loon in a box".

Did I dream that?  Maybe.  But all I dreamed about all night was hooting loons.


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Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Loon music played in the CD player at the card store I managed for a couple years. People used to come in, be browsing and reading cards, and suddenly look up and around with this expression of bewilderment and wonder on their little faces. Just cracked me up day after day as they searched for the bird they knew was somewhere in the store. (We were next door to a pet shop so perhaps they could be forgiven a little, but it still was hilarious)