Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sounds Like....

Anxious Twitchy woman who said her heart was beating fast:

"I have had the symptoms before but they never found anything even though I wore a halter top"

HOLTER MONITORS are devices used to record heart rhythms.

HALTER TOPS are garments that should never be worn by anyone over a certain age or bra size.

Same Anxious Twitchy woman:

"I have had an over-ectomy"

OOPHERECTOMY is the removal of an ovary.

"...and a colonic"



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Elena Shella Villamor said...

Hello Regina,

'Great to encounter an ER nurse that has humor! I can't help but think of Dr. House (yup, the series!) as I read through your blogs. I can see an intelligent nurse that still has so much ahead of her if given the chance!

I am Shella, an editor for Nursing Explorer ( I know what it entails to finish a nursing degree and to build a great portfolio over the years so I commend you for still being in service. You might want to visit our website and find programs that can help you go up the career ladder as you continue working as an ER nurse.

Kudos to you on your inspiring and FUNNY blog! 'Looking forward to reading more posts.