Saturday, June 29, 2013

They Paved Paradise, Put Up A Parking Lot

This mess is part of our parking lot.  It is a dirt pile in the summer, receptacle of piled snow in the winter, and in spring.....a bog.

People will often drive or walk right over it.  Occasionally people park there.  It is unsightly and dangerous considering its proximity to the handicap spot.

Beth has complained about it for years. I think there have been a few children lost in that swamp, but I'm not sure.  One or two winter boots.  An umbrella.

Nothing we can do about it, says the grounds department.

I have a few suggestions:

This would add some LOVELY ambiance as well as practicality

A nice touch.  Who can resist throwing pennies in a wishing well?

"Pay toll...for no reason".  

Too scary.  And not indigenous to the climate here in the Arctic

My first choice, but a few more.  

Oh, yeah.

Get away evil pink flamingo!  You're scaring the gnomes!


Aesop said...

This is where you're on to something.

When mere reasonable complaints are unavailing, you'd be amazed the effect you could have on administration priorities by spending $20 or so at local discount stores, and picking up flamingoes, lawn gnomes, etc. at local yard sales, and placing a poutporri of the items around the bog.

Ridicule is far more potent than rage, which is why Socrates got that final herbal daquiri.

As a final benedicttion, just don't get caught doing the decorating.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

May I start a Kickstarted campaign to finance the necessary accouterments to beautify the project. I love to decorate !~!~ NOT!

EDNurseasauras said...

We would be deadly together. I just take the rap for everything now whether I've done it or not. And my co worker minions have been so well trained in the "dark side" arts that I now have only to sit back and watch the mayhem..... bwaaaahahaha!!