Thursday, November 17, 2016

Run for it, Marty!

One of our docs is deadly slow.  He has one speed.  He cannot be rushed.  He cannot be compelled to move at any other pace than that which he sets for himself.  There is no emergency that cannot be handled at a steady rate.  I have never heard him raise his voice, become rattled, sweat, bark at staff, or handle any issue without careful thought and consideration.

We do a lot of protocols when its busy anyway, even more when Dr. Glacier on.  Although you gotta love him, he is brilliant, loves to teach (be it medicine related or any one of millions of interesting factoids).  His lack of speed is not the most admirable quality when the patients are piling up.  The other docs kind of resent this practice and have a tendency not to pick up charts as quickly when one of their number is seen as not pulling their weight.  Thus resulting in a lot of waiting as the charts are racked.

Auntie is particularly annoyed by this.  As the resource/charge she becomes frustrated when departmental flow is at a standstill and dispositions grind to a halt.

Auntie directed yet another ambulance to park their haul to a hallway bed for the third time in 10 minutes.

"If he moved any slower he'd be moving backwards!", she fumed.

Which is what makes time travel possible.

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