Tuesday, June 12, 2012

EDNurseasauras...On Answering the Phone on her Day Off

Apparently I answered the phone, told my boss I would come in to work and promptly fell back into a stupor whereupon I dreamed that I had just agreed to come to work.

I called the ER.

Me:  "Jane, did you call and ask me to come to work or was it a dream?  Please tell me it was a dream".

Jane: "Haha, yes you said you could work and you would be in soon.  Are you still coming?"

Me: "Weird.  I really thought it was a dream"

And so, Jane has learned that if she calls me early enough on my cell phone my subconscious will not only answer the phone but say yes to an extra shift.



Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

I have that problem too when I am asleep and the phone rings. I answer it, solve the problem, thank caller, hang up and go right back to sleep with NO recollection of what has just transpired. Can be dangerous. I place the phone away from the bed so I have to get up and walk a few steps before I answer-mopst of the time now I am awake enough to actually be present for the conversation.

Nurse Kitty said...

Yes, that happens to me a lot. In fact when I first met my husband he found that if he asked me somthing I would answer, then in the AM I would have very little recollection of it. At first he thought I was just being a jerk....then he realized I kind of talk in my sleep, very coherently.

To prevent me from taking phone calls when sleeping I put the phone on silent, they can leave a message which I can chose to accept or ignore =)