Friday, June 8, 2012

Ellen....on Answering the Phone on her Day Off

"It's so hard to say no", said Ellen after she was bullied into working a Sunday.  Eeyore, who by choice is supposed to work every weekend, routinely calls in sick at least twice a month.  Ellen has such loyalty and dedication (not to mention guilt) that she usually gets suckered into working since Eeyore's idea of finding a replacement is to look around her pantry ("Nope, nobody in here!').

Me: "Ellen, just say you have plans"
Ellen: "Well, sometimes I really do have plans"
Me: "Just don't answer the phone"
Ellen: "Oh, I couldn't do that!"
Me: "Well, say you couldn't possibly work because you just finished a bottle of wine"
Ellen: "At 10:AM?"
Me: "OK, then say you just had a pitcher of bloody Mary's at brunch"
Ellen: (giggling) "Oh, that would go over well.  I couldn't lie about that!"
Me: "Don't lie then.  Every Sunday morning, just put a splash of champagne into your orange juice and when they call, say you are celebrating Lucky Charms.  Tell them and you do it every week and maybe they will stop calling".


Nurse said...

Wanting to sleep or just take a nice, long walk qualify as plans.

Cartoon Characters said...

I thought that was what Caller ID was for? I used to always use the alcohol excuse because in our province, if they call and you answer and they are "desperate" - you don't even have a choice - you HAVE to come in. They can't make you if you aren't "safe" to work.... and nowadays, alcohol consumption prior to working is frowned upon...unlike the distant past!