Thursday, June 7, 2012

Poll: What REALLY Made You Decide on Nursing?

I got kind of tired of the usual stock answers.  Yes, we all wanted to help mankind.  Yes, we are all "people persons".  Yes, we all wanted to make a difference.

But what was the impulse?  It had to be something.  C'mon, spill it and feel free to add to this.  Here is a collection of thoughts by my co-workers, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but not entirely without a few grains of truth.

"I wanted to be an LPN because a really nice one took care of me when I was in the hospital at age 7.  My parents wanted me to go to college.  I compromised on a three year school for my RN"

"I thought it would be fun to give shots;  I was thinking revenge"

"The opportunity to see blood...and guts"

"I really wanted to be a paramedic, actually; I was obsessed by that show Emergency! in the 70's"

"Capes and nursing caps, baby"

"I wanted to be a pediatric nurse until I realized I really didn't like kids all that much"

"I liked the science of nursing first"

"Because we were programmed to aspire to wifedom and motherhood as career goals and there were limited interim choices for women: teacher, secretary, nun.....nurse"

" I read a book called Candy Stripers about 30 times when I was in 2nd grade.  Seemed like a good idea at the time"

"I WAS a Candy Striper.  I spent one entire summer working 9-12 AM in the hospital coffee shop making toast and pouring coffee.  The closest I got to any patients was being promoted to flower delivery and filling water pitchers for one week.  Pinafores with gathered skirts was not a good look on me.  A white uniform seemed like a huge improvement"

"I think it was just always assumed that I would be a nurse because my mother is"

"I was a hair dresser for 20 odd years.  Then became an LPN.  Then an RN.  It was kind of a long convoluted path.  I'm still on my feet all the time, but the money is better"

Your turn.


throwawaynurse said...

In truth I decided to become a nurse because when I interviewed for medical school a couple of the interviewers told me they thought I would be better suited to nursing as I didn't seem to have the "drive" necessary to succeed in medicine!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

A touchy-feely person, I got into patient care so I could use my hands to minister to others. I especially love babies and kids and the associated activities.

icurn said...

I wanted to wear cute scrubs and meet doctors, the thought that I would make a living cleaning other peoples bodily fluids never crossed my mind. I have come to the conclusion that I will touch anything as long as I am wearing gloves :)
Seriously though, my mom died of cancer when I was 14 and the nurses that cared for her really made a difference when she was sick and scared. I really just wanted to be able to have that kind of impact on someone else's life, sort of pay it forward. I am now a critical care nurse in a large (600 bed, 6 ICU's) teaching hospital in upstate NY and most days I really feel like I have fulfilled a promise to her :)

Tonja said...

I actually wanted to be a doctor because my grandfather was and that equated to "fixing people" when I was little. But then I had kids at 17, a divorce at 23, and I was on welfare. By that time, nursing school seemed the better option as I really didn't have the money or the time to actually do medical school, and I'd rather have a career than not see my kids grow up. Turns out, it was the best decision of my life!

Oh, and I love the technical part of the job! The things I've done...

Alpine, R.N. said...

I was looking into grad school for my PhD or med school, but there's no funding for archeology grad students and all my med student friends were talking about how mean med school was- people sabotaging each others work, etc...going for my NP seemed the sanest choice!

hoodnurse said...

I started college in art school, and knew after a semester that I hated it and was tired of everyone being up their own asses. I wanted to switch my major to social work so I could become a CPS caseworker and rescue abused kids and stuff ( I know, I was 18 at the time).
My mom knew how stupid a plan that was, and how prone I am to depression and general bad thoughts, so she basically begged me to do something else and it ended up being nursing school. I think it worked out.

kerry said...

My husband and I were paramedics. We decided to put each other through nursing school so we could earn better pay, work fewer hours and enjoy an indoor working environment. Nursing has been very, very good to us but neither of us like the trends that we are seeing and we are hoping to retire ASAP.

Cartoon Characters said...

I have no clue because I have NEVER liked nursing. Someone mentioned that they were thinking of going to college for their LPN and I thought, ok, so maybe that's what I will do, since I couldn't get a job other than waitressing.

I still hate nursing, but like the money and the knowlege it gives me to stay out of clinics and away from MDs so it works out for now....but I am also looking forward to retirement in a couple years....